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In Boulder, we’re fortunate to have a health-centered community that supports us in breathing through life’s ups and downs. Boulder is a place where the mountains meet the sky, and the air itself seems to offer healing. This was especially true for me during a recent personal challenge that shook me deeply.

I found solace in the support of Callie Taylor, a friend and local health coach, who helped me find my way back to my path, one breath at a time. Callie shared a breathing exercise that brought immediate relief to my heart, helping me release the grief I was carrying. It was a powerful moment of connection and release, and I’m grateful to share this exercise with you now.

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Radiant Fire Breath Exercise for Daily Vitality, Self-Love, and Emotional Release

This simple yet invigorating exercise is a beautiful way to start your day or to find a moment of peace, heart-centering, and self-connection connection anytime you need it.

  1. Start by standing tall and proud, like the radiant being you are.
  2. Gently inhale through your nose for three counts, filling your lungs with fresh, life-giving air.
  3. Feel the energy building inside you.
  4. As you exhale, let yourself fold gracefully forward, letting your head and arms drape towards the floor.
  5. Release the breath with a satisfying sigh, shedding any burdens and letting go of anything that doesn’t serve our beautiful spirit.
  6. Slowly rise back up and repeat this flow, stirring your energetic inner fire and breathing life into every cell.
  7. Perform this exercise for about three minutes (or three cycles), or until it feels right.
  8. Imagine nurturing your inner light with each breath and stoking the flames of your own vibrant life force with each cycle.

This small act of self-connection and self-love can make a big difference in your day and life. Remember, you’re nurturing your own inner light with each breath. Stay radiant and full of light, lovely one!

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Callie’s journey with breathwork began in the U.S. Air Force, where she used it to stay focused and calm under pressure. As the world navigated the uncertainties of the pandemic, Taylor’s life took a turn from the laser-focussed structure of the Air Force to a more exploratory path rich in discovery and growth. Perhaps because of this transformation, Callie – like no other person I know – embodies fierce strength held alongside a divinely feminine grace that is both inviting and inspiring. She continually supports and builds up those around her – especially other women – both publicly and privately. She leads by example and holds a high standard of excellence that is absent of shame.

Now on the other end of her personal transformation journey, Callie shares her experiences of self-discovery and growth with her clients, helping them find their inner strength and resilience as well as lightness and grace. Callie describes her health coaching practice as ascending simple client health basics. “My work involves helping clients discover their inner glow, align their intentions with action, and manifest the health and vitality they deserve,” Taylor says. Her life’s work is a testament to her belief in the boundless potential of the human spirit to achieve greatness in all areas of their lives.

Taylor has extensive experience in personal training, corrective exercise, yoga, and breath work, and offers a holistic approach to wellness. She tailors her coaching to each individual, ensuring that her strategies resonate deeply with their journey. For those looking to experience Callie’s expertise or seeking collaboration, her virtual door is always open. You can find her at her website, ready to help you ignite your inner glow and align your intentions with action. https://www.calliebtayler.com.

Give this breathing exercise a try, experience its effectiveness at any moment, and share with those about you who may benefit too.

Any moment is a good one to renew in radiance. Be bountiful, Boulder, and remember to breathe!

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