Let’s Talk About Edamame!

Edamame is my favorite superfood. Just four ounces (4oz // ~1/2 C) provides ~14 – 21g of complete protein (complete amino acid profile), 8g healthy fat, 14g carbs, great fiber (!).
Soy is estrogenic so when consumed in its natural form (e.g., with the fiber), it helps regulate hormones (the fiber absorbs extra estrogen in the gut like a sponge & you 💩 it out!).
Estrogen is also AMAZING for brain growth/development AND recovery for athletes!!

Hormone-Ballancing Maca Berry Edamame Smoothie

This super smoothie has protein, antioxidants, adaptogens for stamina and hormone- & adrenal balancing and fiber. Great for the brain, gut, adrenals, skin, hair, EVERYTHING!

Other benefits include maximum nutrient absorption (in smoothie form) and super alkaline pH (promotes muscle use/growth/repair).

In a blender, combine:

  • 4oz of organic edamame.
  • 100g blackberries.
  • 1-2 packets of unsweetened açai frozen.
  • 20-30g organic gelatinized maca powder.

Key Players in this Super Smoothie:

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