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Congratulations on completing your personalized health and nutrition program (!) and thanks again for your willingness to provide a testimonial. Thanks also for giving me the time, reflection, and energy this testimonial takes. Your time and energy will absolutely not go to waste. Rather, they (and this testimonial) will be used to let others know what is possible for them and that they CAN access their inner fires and desires.

Below you will find some fill in the blank questions to guide you in writing your testimonial. Don’t worry about completing all of them or giving the “perfect answer.” Just respond to the questions that truly resonate with you, be as open and honest as possible, and have fun sharing your experience!

There are few different ways you can complete this form; you may use the “print” and “email” options at the bottom of this page to send yourself a copy. You may also double-click on the form image below to save a copy of it. 

Thanks again!

In Metta & Mahalo, 

~ Brenna

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