Let’s Talk About Blackberries!

Blackberries provide a powerhouse of antioxidants with great plant fiber for a low-GI treat and an excellent source of Manganese to boot!

The antioxidants in blackberries are protective against Alzheimer’s Diseases and a variety of additional inflammatory and degenerative processes (inflammation, cardiovascular problems, and a variety of cognitive processes (“brain fog”).

In addition to promoting brain health, blackberries promote glowing skin/hair/nails.

The fiber in blackberries offers a low-GI treat and also helps clean out and strengthen the gut while also reducing gut inflammation!

As an extra bonus, blackberries are packed with Manganese! 

Berry Sweet-Buster Smoothie:

1) 1/2 – 1C leafy greens (collard, spinach, chard)

2) 1C berries (blackberries, wild blueberries)

3) 3 – 4 tblspns flax meal (1 – 2 oz) 

4) 1 package unsweetened acai (optional)

5) ~2 tspns baking soda

6) ~2 – 4 tblspns apple cider vinegar


Nutrition Facts:

  • 1 smoothie: 500 calories
  • 16g protein
  • 30g healthy fats (15% Omega-3s)
  • 24 g carbohydrates
  • 27g fiber (100% daily needs)


Vitamin A: 91%, Vitamins B1-6: 7-11%, Vitamin C: 61%, Calcium: 31%, Copper: 29%, Vitamin E: 14%, Essential Amino Acids: 2-4%, Folate: 27%, Iron: 37%, Vitamin K: 56%, Magnesium: 12%, Manganese: 68%, Omega-3: 15%, Phosphorus: 8%, Potassium: 52%, Selenium: 11%, Zinc: 11%.

Key Players in Sweet-Busting Smoothie

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