Let's Talk About Cravings!

Cravings are not wrong and we don’t have to fight them.

So Let’s Talk About Them!

Common Causes of Cravings:

1. Unfilled Primary Needs: Sleep, Water, Connection, Action, Touch, Creativity, Spirituality, Rest, Food, Play. I see a lot of clients who misinterpret their cravings. For example, we discover their afternoon binge eating stems from a craving for rest and goes away when we implement a 15-min afternoon nap.

2. Unmet Micronutrient Needs: Many clients come to me with menstrual cravings or cravings for sweets. Since cookies didn’t exist when the evolutionary phenomenon of craving developed, it’s not surprising that eating cookies doesn’t solve the craving problem for my clients: cookies aren’t what the body actually needs. Cravings for chocolate often derive from Magnesium needs (chocolate contains high levels of Magnesium). My clients find my Menstrual Protocol and Sweet-Buster Smoothie curb the cravings and they feel great!

Sweet Buster Smoothie:

This simple smoothies delivers 100% daily fiber needs, heaping doses of iron, manganese, magnesium, and great healthy fats that will bust cravings and keep you fueled throughout the day. My clients have 1 for breakfast or 1/2-servings as morning, afternoon, or before bedtime snacks.

1) 1/2 – 1C leafy greens (collard, spinach, chard)

2) 1C berries (blackberries, wild blueberries)

3) 3 – 4 tblspns flax meal (1 – 2 oz) 

4) 1 package unsweetened acai (optional)

5) ~2 tspns baking soda

6) ~2 – 4 tblspns apple cider vinegar


1 smoothie: 500 calories
16g protein
30g healthy fats (15% Omega-3s)
24 g carbohydrates
27g fiber (100% daily needs)
Vitamin A: 91%, Vitamins B1-6: 7-11%, Vitamin C: 61%, Calcium: 31%, Copper: 29%, Vitamin E: 14%, Essential Amino Acids: 2-4%, Folate: 27%, Iron: 37%, Vitamin K: 56%, Magnesium: 12%, Manganese: 68%, Omega-3: 15%, Phosphorus: 8%, Potassium: 52%, Selenium: 11%, Zinc: 11%.

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