Let’s Talk About Smoothies

Let’s Talk About Smoothies! To Smoothie or Not to Smoothie? Glycemic Index, Weight, & Cardiometabolic Markers Myth #1: “All Smoothies are Liquid Sugar” Many commercial smoothies these days are indeed: 1) void of fiber; 2) laden with artificial sugars or sweeteners; 3) closer to milkshakes than smoothies. Read More Micronutrients and Polyphenols Although some smoothies […]

Smoothie Recipes Here!

Smoothie Recipes Here! Smoothie Recipes Sweet Buster Smoother This simple smoothies delivers 100% daily fiber needs, heaping doses of iron, manganese, magnesium, and great healthy fats that will bust cravings and keep you fueled throughout the day. My clients have 1 for breakfast or 1/2-servings as morning, afternoon, or before bedtime snacks. Show More Anti-Inflammatory […]

Let’s Talk About Blackberries!

Let’s Talk About Blackberries! Blackberries provide a powerhouse of antioxidants with great plant fiber for a low-GI treat and an excellent source of Manganese to boot! The antioxidants in blackberries are protective against Alzheimer’s Diseases and a variety of additional inflammatory and degenerative processes (inflammation, cardiovascular problems, and a variety of cognitive processes (“brain fog”). […]

Let’s Talk About Acai!

Let’s Talk About Açaí! Açaí is an amazing source of healthy plant fats with plant fiber to boot! Just two (2) packets of unsweetened açaí have 10g of fat. Açaí also provides a great source of sustained endurance (energy) without any sugar crashes. It’s also an amazing source of antioxidants with a stellar glycemic profile (similar to blackberries – […]

Let’s Talk About Maca!

Let’s Talk About Maca! Maca is one of my favorite superfoods! Adaptogenic. Works with the adrenals to heal and strengthen. Provides stamina and endurance. Helps heal from adrenal fatigue. Great even energy. Bonus lysine amino acid profile. Great protein & carbs. Gelatinized (starch removed) makes it more easily digestible for maximum nutrient absorption. Bonus butterscotch […]

Let’s Talk About Flaxseed!

Let’s Talk About Flaxseed! Flaxseed is a surprisingly high source of antioxidants with a variety of health benefits. The flaxseed antioxidant lignin alpha-linolenic acid has been attributed with producing a variety of beneficial actions on the cardiovascular and reproductive systems. For example, flaxseed has shown anti-arrhythmic, anti-atherogenic, anti-hypertensive, and cholesterol-lowering actions in animal and human […]

Let’s Talk About Cocoa!

Let’s Talk About Cocoa! Cocoa contains very high amounts of polyphenols (potent anti-inflammatory antioxidants), including the flavonoids catechin, epicatechin, and procyanidin (Katz et al., 2011). A variety of research points to benefits of cocoa’s polyphenols in a variety of different health contexts. The epicatechin can up-regulate nitric oxide production (the active ingredient in Viagra) and […]

Let’s Talk About Beets!

Let’s Talk About Beets! Beets are powerhouse sources of antioxidants as well as a variety of additional vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. Beets contain a variety of compounds that facilitate nitrogen metabolism through nitric oxide (NO) binding, nitrite reduction, and nitrate (NOD) formation (Eriksson et al., 2019). These compounds enable beets to have potent vasodilating effects […]

Let’s Talk About Cilantro!

Let’s Talk About Cilantro! Cilantro is a form of Coriandrum sativum along with coriander and Chinese parsley. Research suggests coriander offers beneficial properties, particularly related to liver health, detoxification, heavy metal detoxification, skin infections, glucose utilization, non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and dyslipidemia, as well as anxiety and pain (Abascal & Yarnell 2012). https://www.innerpath.com.au/matmed/research/Coriandrum%5EsativumACT2012185.pdf   Kidon ́ […]

Let’s Talk About Purple Carrots!

Let’s Talk About Purple Carrots! Purple carrots are major sources of the antioxidants carotenoids and phenolic acid (as well as other polyphenols), with twice as much a- and b-carotene as other carrot colors. Purple carrots also contain anthocyanins (a type of flavonoid antioxidants that are more stable in purple carrots than in other sources) (Kidon […]