Holding Space for your Ideal Self


Holding Space for your Ideal Self https://youtu.be/S-fdEcO4F64?si=O9xrzFsU9i6SYFmc This article was inspired by Dr. Serge Kahili King‘s “Simple but Powerful Healing Technique” YouTube Clip. Click on the image above to play this clip. NOTE: This exercise can be done as effectively for the self as it can for someone else. Know someone who is struggling in […]

SMART Goal Setting

SMART Goal-Setting I. SMART Goals The SMART goal acronym is used in many different settings to help set, achieve, and maintain a variety of different health-related goals. The SMART Acronym suggests setting goals that are: SPECIFIC. MEASURABLE. ACHIEVABLE/ATTAINABLE. REALISTIC/RELEVANT. TIME-BOUND/TIME-BASED. The SMART Acronym is used with empirical (research-based) support in a variety of healthcare settings, […]