Holding Space for your Ideal Self


Holding Space for your Ideal Self https://youtu.be/S-fdEcO4F64?si=O9xrzFsU9i6SYFmc This article was inspired by Dr. Serge Kahili King‘s “Simple but Powerful Healing Technique” YouTube Clip. Click on the image above to play this clip. NOTE: This exercise can be done as effectively for the self as it can for someone else. Know someone who is struggling in […]

Type 2 Fun: Your New Number One!

Have you ever done something that was hard, uncomfortable, or even painful in the moment, but rewarding and satisfying after? If you live in Boulder, you probably have. You might even be that person who wakes up before dawn to engage in some epic all-day (and sometimes all-night) climbing, skiing, running, or cycling adventure. You […]

SMART Goal Setting

SMART Goal-Setting I. SMART Goals The SMART goal acronym is used in many different settings to help set, achieve, and maintain a variety of different health-related goals. The SMART Acronym suggests setting goals that are: SPECIFIC. MEASURABLE. ACHIEVABLE/ATTAINABLE. REALISTIC/RELEVANT. TIME-BOUND/TIME-BASED. The SMART Acronym is used with empirical (research-based) support in a variety of healthcare settings, […]